KELLOGG & Associates is much more than just a rep agency!

Representing Quality Manufacturers: Each of the manufacturers we represent was researched and selected to be represented by us because of their documented history of quality, value, expertise and experience. The manufacturers we represent all have a record of delivering quality parts and components on time and to spec.
Long-Term Relationship: KELLOGG & Associates enjoys long-term relationships with both the companies we represent and the manufacturers we are privileged to call customers. We would do nothing to endanger that relationship, and we strive to continually earn the trust and respect of our valued customer base.
Find an Alternate Supplier: If the needs of one of our customers cannot be met by one of our principals, we will research and recommend a supplier to that customer, even though we earn no credit for the sale and make no sales commission. The good will we earn with such service is sufficient!

Understand Our Customer’s Business: We cannot truly service the needs of our customers if we do not understand the nuances, the peculiarities, and the unique and different aspects of their businesses and their customers’ businesses.
Key Link in the Supply Chain: We see ourselves as a key link in a long supply chain, bringing critical parts and components to the OEMs who produce finished products.
Questions? Please address your questions to Van Kellogg by phone at: 763-757-5164, or via email:  

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